Entrepreneurship isn’t a job – it’s a lifestyle! And with every life there is a corresponding consequence for every action. It’s sort of stipulated to the invisible manual life gave us when we were born. When we utter the word “insurance”, some of us would cringe at the idea. Perhaps, depending on one’s upbringing do we perceive it as a shield or a threat. Whatever the case, we must deal with it because that’s a grown-up thing to do.

That’s what it means to be responsible and hold your ground as a sole proprietor of your business. Prevention is better than cure and so precaution is better than unawareness. When things go the other way unexpectedly, insurance is the hero to the rescue. In western countries, where insurance is regarded above, it’s not so hard to convince people to get one. It is even required by law and compulsory for all companies.

Within the business premises, insurance should not be taken lightly. Depending on the nature of your business, as the owner you should take extreme measures to guarantee that you are protected or otherwise “covered” whatever negative is likely to happen.

Who Needs Startup Insurance?

Startups are temporary enterprises working to deliver new, innovative products or services in a variety of industries, from art to technology. Despite being enterprises, startups still need to be covered by insurance while they work towards developing scalable business models and becoming full-fledged companies.

Let Us Help You Assess Your Risk as a Startup Business

Our commercial insurance and risk management specialists can help you identify your exposures and simplify your insurance purchase, providing the information you need to make an informed decision. We will work with you one-on-one to identify the business insurance plan that suits your specific needs as a startup.

Our experts will:

  • Adapt your coverage solutions as your business grows
  • Anticipate and address exposures
  • Assist in the creation of your initial business plan
  • Identify gaps in your insurance coverage and areas where cost savings can be achieved
  • Review leases and contracts to identify areas of exposure
  • Secure coverage at the lowest rates available on the market
  • Additionally, HIFS offers business insurance for startups from a wide range of top ranked carriers that received an A- rating (excellent) or better from A.M. Best Company. Whether your business is a sole proprietorship or grows to a corporation with global operations, HIFS can design a startup insurance program that fits the specific needs of your company.

With over 25 years of commercial insurance experience, we have the know-how and industry contacts to match your needs. Let us help you find the plan that best suits your risk management requirements and financial goals.

Request a free insurance consultation for your startup company today.

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